• Sanbaeva Natalia Sadrovna


    Sanbaeva Natalia Sadrovna, born in 1978, Kazakh, native of the RF in the Saratov region, since 2005. a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    (1995-1999) Marks College of Music Conducting and Choral Department. Diploma with honors. RF Marks Saratovskaya region Qualifications: the leader of the choir and the creative team, the artist of the choir, the music teacher. Specialty: "Хоровое дирижирование ".

    (1999-2004) State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky". Diploma with honors.
    Qualification: teacher of music and art history, specialty: "Music education". Thesis defense on the topic: "Pedagogical support of successful self-expression of the younger student" 12 years of teaching experience: 2005-2006 DMSH №1 Uralsk is a teacher of medium choir and voice.

    01.09.2006, the teacher ZKGU them. M. Utemisov, In 2016, the textbook "Arrangement and arrangement of musical works" was published for students and teachers of the specialties Vocal art and Musical education. Over 12 years of teaching, diploma students and laureates of regional, republican and international vocal competitions were trained:

    1. Nursultanova Rita Winner of the Student Olympiad 2010, Almaty.

    2. Naurzalieva Albina Student of the Student Olympiad nomination "Воля к победе" 2012 Almaty.

    3. Azhgalieva Aidana, laureate, I degree, nomination Academic singing 2013, Orenburg.

    4. Azhgalieva Aidana Student of the VII Student Olympiad 2015, Almaty.

    5. Azhgalieva Aidana, laureate of the I degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" nomination Academic singing 2015 Uralsk.

    6. Kakimova Baktoty, laureate of the II degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" nomination Pop vocal 2015 Uralsk.

    7. Azhgaliyeva Aidana laureate I degree competition "Радуга талантов" Samara 2015.

    8. Taymuratova Aigerim laureate of the II degree competition "Радуга талантов" nomination Academic vocal Samara 2015.

    9. Urazov Altynbek laureate of the II degree "Дала дарындары" nomination Academic singing 2016. Uralsk.

    10. Gabdysamat Anar 2017. winner of the I- republican vocal competition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Kazakhstan composer A. Moldagainova.

    11. Azhgaliev Aidan 2017 Laureate of the II degree of the I-republican vocal competition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Kazakh composer A. Moldagainov

    12. Gabdysamat Anar 2017 laureate I degree regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" nomination "Академическое пение".

    13. Ermek Elmira laureate of the II degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination "Академическое пение".

    14. Sakhipova Rosa is a student of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination "Академическое пение".

    15. Bitimova Madina, Laureate of the III degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination "Эстрадное пение".

    16. Diploma of the Republican vocal competition "Дельфийские игры", Petropavlovsk.

    17. Gabdysamat Anar Laureate of the III degree in the specialty 5В040300 Vocal art, nomination "Концертно-камерное пение" of the X-Republican Olympiad for students of Almaty Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

    18. Gabdysamat Anar Laureate of the II degree International Competition-Festival within the framework of the project "Volga flows into my heart" in Samara

    19. Sakhipova Roza, Laureate of the II degree International Competition-Festival within the framework of the project "Волга в сердце впадает моё", Samara

    20 Ermek Elmira Laureate of the I degree International competition-festival within the framework of the project "Волга в сердце впадает моё" in Samara.

    21. Gabdysamat Anar Diploma "За лучшее исполнение вокального цикла" in the specialty 5В040300 Vocal art, nomination "Концертно-камерное пение" of the X-Republican Olympiad for students of Almaty Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

    22. Ermek Elmira laureate of the III degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination Academic singing.

    23. Utepbergenova Nazgul, laureate of the III degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination "Академическое пение".

    24. Bitimova Madina, laureate of the I degree of the regional vocal competition "Дельфийские игры" in the nomination "Академическое пение".

    Literate teacher, Natalia Sadrovna is one of the leading teachers of the disciplinary course "Сольное пение" , "Камерный класс" and "Оперный класс" for students of the specialty 5B040300 "Вокальное искусство"

    The rich pedagogical and performing experience allows us to conduct classes at a high professional level, which are distinguished by the high organization of students' learning activities. The atmosphere of goodwill, pedagogical requirements and mutual assistance created at the lesson contributes to the formation of positive motivation of students to the solid development of educational material.

    Having a broad life and professional outlook, a high level of self-education and self-development, Natalia Sadrovna uses active and interactive forms of conducting classes in combination with extracurricular work in the educational process to form and develop general and professional competencies of students, regularly conducts additional classes and consultations, paying particular attention to preparing students for the development and protection of course and diploma projects.

    For the preparation of competitive specialists, Natalia Sadrovna pays a lot of attention to the practical application of knowledge and skills. Students of the class of Sanbaeva Natalia Sadrovna take an active part in the concerts of the university, the city and the region. For labor activity is encouraged by a letter of thanks from the rector of the university. For great success in the preparation of musical and pedagogical personnel, the promotion of folk song creativity, vocal skills, active participation in charity concerts for war and labor veterans, Sanbaeva Natalia Sadrovna was awarded the Certificate of Merit.

    For participation as a member of the jury of the Republican children's vocal competition "Ақ көғершін" awarded a letter of thanks from the president of the children's fund of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. For the preparation of participants of the Republican Student Olympiad repeatedly awarded the letter of thanks from the administration of the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy.

    In 2017, she underwent advanced training:

    Certificate № 0205156

    Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Национальный центр повышения квалификации Өрлеу" program for advanced training courses for teachers of pedagogical specialties of universities "Современные педагогические технологии" in Almaty (240 hours) (03.04. - 04.29.2017)

    Certificate number 0000006

    advanced training courses of the Republican Public Association "Академия вокала" from April 10-14, 2017. (36 hrs.) Astana.

    from November 2017 is a member of the Republican public association "Академия вокала".

  • Yurchenko Alexander Viktorovich

    Senior Lecturer Master of Education

    Total teaching experience: 16 years

    Advanced training information

    • «Технологии развития личности средствами искусства» СГУ им.Н.Г. Чернышевского. Институт искусств, 30.03.2015- 08.04.2015 (72 часа).сертификат.

    • «Современные проблемы развития образования в сфере искусства и культуры» Мастер –класс д. п.н, Рахимбаевой И.Э. (72 часа).Сертификат. с30.11.2015- по 12. 12.2015г.

    • «Самарский Государственный Институт Культуры» по программе дополнительного профессионального образования повышения квалификации «Инновационные технологии в профессиональном музыкальном образовании» с 20.04. 2015- по 30.04.2015г.(72 часа).сертификат.

    • «Самарская государственная академия культуры и искусств» по программе «Информационные и коммуникационные технологии в образовании.Информатизация образования». С 24 по 28.04.2014г (36 часов). Сертификат

    Information about in seminars, conferences, competitions

    • «Современные методы преподавания на традиционных инструментах и дирижирования» семинар

    • IIМеждународной научно-практической конференции студентов, бакалавров и молодых ученых «Развитие личности средствами искусства»(Сертификат). Доклад на тему «Развитие чувства ритма у учащихся музыкальных школ по классу баяна» ». г.Саратов, 28.05.2015

    • XXXI Международная научная конференция «Актуальные научные исследования в современном мире» сертификат (26-27 ноябрь 2017)


    1. «Организация и содержание деятельности педагога-организатора» - Вестник научный журнал ЗКГУ им.М.Утемисова.-№ 4(56).-2014.-ст.31-37.

    2. «Актуальные проблемы учреждений дополнительного образования детей» - Материалы международной научно-практической конференции «Национальная образовательная система в условиях глобальной конкуренции: проблемы, приоритеты, перспективы развития» ЗКГУ им.М.Утемисова.-Уральск, 2014г.-ст.275-278.

    3. «Теоретические основы дополнительного образования детей-одна из наиболее разработанных проблем социально-педагогическогоявления» - Материалы республиканской научно-практической конференции на тему «Подготовка конкурентоспособных специалистов в высших учебных заведениях: проблемы, современное состояние и перспективы», посвященная профессору,д.п.н.К.Б.Сейталиеву. ЗКГУ им.М.Утемисова.-Уральск,2015г.ст.234-237.

    Publications in foreign editions

    1. «Развитие навыков игры по слуху у студентов музыкальных специальностей»-XXXI Международная научная конференция «Актуальные научные исследования в современном мире» (26-27 ноябрь 2017)

    2. «Подготовка педагога музыканта в работе над музыкальными произведениями»

    3. Республиканская научно практическая конференция «Художественное творчество: лучшие образцы современной казахстанской культуры , синтез теории, методики и практики» Уральск . 2 ноября.2018.


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    Основной музыкальный инструмент

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    Исполнительское искусство

    Музыкальное образование


  • Kazhimova Karylgash Rakhimovna

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    Total teaching experience: 16years

    E-mail kkr_1980@mail.ru

    Member of a research project on the theme “Academic support for students in the context of credit technology of education based on international experience (USA, England)” Agreement No. 266 09.03.2017.

    International scientific conference on the topic of “Psychology, I take zhane not basses” on the 28-30 April 2017, Antalya (Turkey)

    International Seminar “Development of Research Potential in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan: Research and Training in PHD Programs”, organized by the National Council of the Erasmus + Program in Kazakhstan Nazarbayev University

    May 17-18, 2017

    Several articles, including 3 Scopus and 7 textbooks, 1 electronic textbook.

    “Y. Altynsarin”, “Teacher of Kazakhstan” and “Mikhail Sholokhov”. Awarded several honorary diplomas and letters of appreciation.


    From 7 to 12 February 2019 in the Center for Advanced Studies ZKGU them. M. Utemisov completed a refresher course on the topic “Actual problems of integration and socio-psychological integration of people with disabilities”. In accordance with the curriculum and the program within 36 hours, he / she is trained and performs practical tasks;

    07.02.2019 took part in the international scientific-practical seminar "Actual problems of socio-psychological integration of people with disabilities in education and inclusive education"

    From 16 to 22 May 2018, a short-term training course in psycho-pedagogical research, statistical processing, analysis and interpretation of data in Excel and SPSS programs in the amount of 36 academic hours will be conducted on the basis of advanced training and advanced training of ENU them. L.N. Gumilev. Attheinstitute

    May 17-18, 2017 International seminar “Development of research potential in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan: training in research programs and PHD programs”, organized by the National Council of the Erasmus + program in Kazakhstan, organized by Nazarbayev University;

    Certificate of the first degree for participation in the republican scientific seminar "Organization of the scientific activities of young scientists", organized on May 5, 2016

    President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. On December 11, 2015, Nazarbayev was issued a certificate for participation in a methodological seminar organized by the G-Global Information and Communication Platform on the theme “Preparing Future Specialists in the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the People of Kazakhstan“ Kazakhstan in the New Global Real World: Growth, Development of Reforms ”;

    March 27, 2015 Springer completed the course and received a certificate;

    From 02.02-20.03, the Center for Advanced Studies of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools JSC, developed by the Center for Advanced Studies in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge, In total, 232 academic hours were awarded certificates for a program for training instructors among the faculty members of higher educational institutions who trained pedagogical personnel trained by the program;

    The certificate of participation in the training seminar "Practice-oriented training", which was held on January 28, 2015;

    December 6, 2014 at the Center for Continuing Education, West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov received a certificate for participation in the seminar "The system of independent assessment of higher, technical and vocational education";

    From October 31 to November 12, 2011 academic adviser Advanced training for a 72-hour course at the advanced training faculty of Karaganda State University. E.A. Buketov;

    In the period from May 10 to May 17, 2011, RDUD was trained for 72 hours on the topic “Three elements of language”;

    From February 28 to March 15, 2011 the course "The use of an interactive whiteboard in the learning process" 50 hours;

    72 hours on the topic “Development of distance learning technologies for the humanities”, conducted by KARAGAND ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY in KAZTUNAU from January 17 to February 17, 2011;

    From October 20, 2010 to March 14, 2011. 70 hours of training seminar "Psychology of pedagogical management and management";

    С 19 по 29 ноября 2010 г. 50 часов на курсах «Самопознание»;

    In 2009, a seminar entitled “Forming students' competence in teaching practice” was organized at the Federal Institute for the Development of the Volga Branch;

    In 2008, the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Turan-Profi conducted the following courses: “Psychology of qualifications and managers in the field of economics”


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    collection 2., Oral, 2015.60 pp., circulation 100

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    3. compilation forum on the topic «Формы и методы обучения педагогическому общению учителей»

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    4. «FORMS AND METHODS OF TEACHING PEDAGOGICAL DIALOGUE» scientific journal Vestnik ZKGU Uralsk, 2015. УДК: 378.147 ISBN 1680-0761

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    10. Conference proceedings «Актуальные проблемы психиатрии и психологии: теория и практика», dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Kertabayev KM on the topic

    «Болaшaқ педaгогтaрды кәсіби құндылыққa бaулу» Астана, 7th of October 2016. –Б.83-88

    11. XII International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Science and Education - 2017" on the topic

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    Publications in foreign editions

    1.«The development of professional values of students of the Republic of Kazakhstan» South Korea

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    Materials and educational-methodical training seminar "Academician of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor T.K. Zhumazhanova "Educational and methodological foundations of teaching new technologies in the Kazakh literature", Almaty, 2015 p. 85-87

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  • Koptleuova Kunsulu Sagintaevna

    Senior Lecturer

    Total teaching experience: 17 years


    - 03 - 17.03.2014 - Professor of Ivanovo State University, doctor of psychological sciences AS In accordance with Turchin's authorship program, she was awarded a certificate of participation in the professional development course titled "Psychology of Akmeology and Professional Activities".

    -18.04.2014 Aktobe, People's Artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Bazargali Zhamanbayev at the International Folk Music Festival (36 hours).

    -24-28.04.2014 Training in the federal state budgetary education institution under the program "Information and communication technologies in education". Informatization of education "(36 hours Reg.19) Samara.

    -01.12.2014. Doctor of Art Sciences, Saratov State Conservatory. LV Sobinova Varlamova DI "Specific questions of reforming modern musical education" (72 hours) Saratov.

    -10.04.2015. Training course "Use of IT-technologies in educational process of higher education institution". M. Utemisov (72 hours) city of Uralsk.

    -12.12.2015 NG Prof. Rakhimbayeva IE, Chernyshevskaya Saratov State University "Modern Problems of Education Development in Arts and Culture" (72 hours), Saratov.

    -30.04.2015 "Innovative technologies in vocational music education" (72 hours 169 numbers). Samara City.

    -14.04.2016 WKSU participation in regional scientific-methodical seminar "Problems of multilingual education development in higher and secondary education". M. Utemisov (Reg # 233), Uralsk.

    -18.06.2016 «Modern pedagogical technologies for teachers of pedagogical specialties of higher educational institutions» (240) №0130209, Almaty.

    Participation in the II International scientific-practical conference "Student-teacher: problems of musical education", Saratov, March 16, 2013.

    - For participation in the international scientifically-methodical seminar "Modern musical education in Kazakhstan and abroad" 25.10.2017г. Professor of the Saratov National State University of Research named after Chernyshevsky IE Rahimbayeva is the city of Aktobe.

    -9.12.2017 IV International Scientific and Practical Conference Voting theory and practice. NG Chernyshevsky is the city of Saratov.

    -03.03.2017ж NIS course of trainers on educational programs of additional professional education of graduate students of higher educational institutions (232 hours 000086) Astana.

    -31.08.2017 KazUMOIМY Abylai Khan "Foreign Language for Pedagogical Professions Teachers" (130 p. 63)

    - 01.10.2017 Musical education methods. Tutorial. Ural 37.01: 85 Uralsk.

    -11.11.2018 Samara State Institute of Culture Samara city under the program "Innovative technologies in musical education".

    - 09.11.2018 At Samara State Institute of Culture, Samara's modern methods of teaching pop and jazz (additional registration number 2358) are additional professional programs.


    -The article "The main category of aesthetic education in the formation of spiritual and moral qualities of a student" Vesnik ZKGU №2 (62) Uralsk 2016

    - Uralsk is a choral class of 2016

    - Uralsk "Art as a means of educating students of creative specialties" G-Global 20.02.2017

    -Coptleuova K.S. Akhatova ES Methodical manual "Musical and pedagogical technology of music teacher" 10.11.2018 Uralsk

    Publications in foreign editions

    -The article "Formation of individual qualities of the future teacher-musicians - formation of activity qualities" Materials of IV international scientific-practical conference "Spiritual-moral education: education". Culture. Penza 2015

    -Article "Development of vocal auditory of teacher-musician in the future" "Pedagogy of higher education institutions: history, theory and methods" Saratov-2015

    -"Formation of personal and professional qualities of musical teacher", II International scientific-practical conference "Teacher-student: problems of musical teaching", Saratov-2016

    -The article "The spiritual-moral character of the student in the learning process". Contemporary scientific research in the modern world. Collection of scientific papers 11th edition (31) Ukraine, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky 29.11.2017 ISSN 2524-0986 c 24-31


    - International festival of youth creativity "Way to victory" (B. Tazhinov)

    - "Aralsk oral oriental literature for men and women"

    - International festival-festival "Kazakhstan talents" (Alimov Zh.T.)

    - IV International Contest of the Aesthetic Art Festival "Musical Wings" (EA Kurulenko)

    - 62th Winter Olympic Games among faculty members of ZKGU. M. Utemisov (NS Sergaliev)